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From Extraction to Preservation: The History of Dental Crowns

May 16, 2024

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Given how they work, dental crowns can sound rather simple at times. It’d be easy for someone to think these “caps” have never changed over the years. However, the truth is that crown treatment has evolved from its ancient beginnings to its present-day form. This procedure is much more precise and effective now than in the early days. If you want the details, read on to learn the history of dental crowns and how they’ve developed.

A Start in the Ancient World

As it turns out, dentistry got its start in the ancient world. Dental crowns were among the field’s first creations and were highly valued.

You see, the Etruscans developed dental crowns in the mid-2nd century. The American Dental Association finds that these early Italians made gold prosthetics from 166 to 201 AD. Still, “dentists” didn’t use such crowns to repair broken or decayed teeth. Goldsmiths would remove a wealthy woman’s healthy tooth and switch it out with gold banding. To that extent, ancient crowns served as status symbols instead of oral protection.

Changes in the Middle Ages

Thankfully, people began to care more about hygiene during the Middle Ages. This shift led to some changes in dental crown treatment.

Europe in the 1500s saw many advances in dental crown work. For example, the first book just about dentistry was written in 1530 and covered how to properly place fillings and crowns. Ambrose Pare later outlined technical details on dental crowns in his “Complete Works” published in 1575. For this latter book, the future “father of surgery” discussed jaw fractures and treatments for tooth decay.

Dental Crowns & Rising Industry

Of course, progress with dental crowns didn’t stop in the medieval era. Some of crown treatment’s most relevant breakthroughs came in the 19th and 20th centuries.

A few key examples prove that industry greatly helped crowns advance. Firstly, Dr. Charles H. Land patented the porcelain “jacket” crown in the late 1800s. This treatment was enough to make a broken tooth appear visibly whole and unharmed. By the 20th century, jacket crowns were then surpassed by porcelain-fused-to-metal ones. These latter kinds have porcelain’s natural beauty and a metallic base’s durability.

Present-Day Dental Crowns

Today’s dental crowns have further built on the insights of earlier years. As a result, they’re both readily available and work very well.

New technology is the biggest reason for these latest crown developments. For example, tools now let dentists make crowns from pure porcelain or zirconia. The rise of CAD/CAM has also led to CEREC® same-day crowns, which can be made and placed in one dental visit. These kinds take much less time than traditional crowns and fit treated teeth precisely.

Clearly, the history of dental crowns is an ever-changing one. Talk to your dentist to ensure you’re keeping up with how these caps change.

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