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If You Can’t See It, Does It Matter? Why Every Tooth Deserves to Be Replaced

February 15, 2024

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There’s nothing worse than losing a tooth. When it is located toward the front of your mouth, you’re likely to get it treated right away to avoid embarrassment. However, if you find that one of your back teeth or less visible ones is no longer in its socket, you may not be in quite as big of a hurry to seek treatment. This mindset, unfortunately, can lead to disastrous problems for your oral and overall health. Keep reading to learn why replacing any missing tooth is essential and why a dental implant is the right choice.

Why Replace a Tooth Toward the Back of the Mouth?

Whether it is one of your molars or a tooth that is less likely to be seen by others, it’s important that you do not put treatment on the back burner.

Unless it is a wisdom tooth that is being extracted, all other teeth need to be replaced. The reason is that bone resorption can begin to occur the moment you lose a tooth. Over time, your jawbone will begin to shrink, causing additional teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Not to mention, the vacant socket left behind can create an unfavorable bite that can lead to chronic jaw pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

If those problems are not bad enough, you also run the risk of facial sagging as more teeth fall out. This can cause you to look older than you are.

Why Choose a Dental Implant?

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, there are different options available, including a partial denture, a dental bridge, and a dental implant.

While bridges and dentures have been used for centuries, implant prosthetics are much newer and more reliable.

Placed within the jawbone for maximum stability, the titanium post fuses with the jawbone over time through osseointegration, allowing for a strong foundational base. When ready, a custom implant crown is placed on top to complete the full restoration of your root and crown.

Other tooth replacement options like dentures and dental bridges only address the visible portion of the tooth but not the crown. This is what makes dental implants different and more worthwhile when it comes to investing in a new and improved smile.

Enjoying life with a complete set of teeth is important, so don’t dismiss a missing one just because it is not easily seen. By ensuring a proper replacement, you help to improve your oral and overall health for decades to come.

About the Author
Dr. Josh Branco obtained his dental degree from Boston University before completing a post-doctorate General Practice Residency at UNR School of Medicine. With extensive training in oral surgery, IV sedation, and the placement and restoration of dental implants, he and his team at Sage Dental Care can restore smiles using only the best, most permanent prosthetics available. If you have a missing tooth that cannot be seen by others but needs to be replaced, visit our website or call (775) 473-5625.

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