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The History and Evolution of Teeth Whitening

January 2, 2024

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Over time, indulging in dark or highly pigmented foods and drinks might lead to discoloration of your pearly whites. Teeth whitening is a solution to remove stains and to achieve a brighter and more appealing smile. This cosmetic treatment has evolved significantly, making it easier to achieve a brighter smile. Continue reading to learn about the history of teeth whitening and its advancements.

Ancient Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, having a white smile was highly valued as a symbol of wealth and masculinity. To achieve this, pharaohs concocted toothpaste from volcanic rock, wine vinegar, and ground oxen hooves. While this mixture effectively whitened their smiles, its high acidity and abrasiveness led to severe enamel damage and other oral health problems down the line.

Ancient Romans

In ancient Rome, chewing sticks were reportedly used for dental hygiene, while historical evidence suggests that both animal and human urine were utilized for denture cleaning. The ammonia content in urine effectively whitened their restorations. However, this method was far from hygienic.

Ancient Europeans

Ancient European nomads employed acid to clean their teeth before filing them down, aiming to improve their appearance. However, this process, while potentially enhancing their dental aesthetics, was uncomfortable and caused significant structural damage to their enamel.

Consequently, individuals subjected to this treatment were at a higher risk of developing oral health problems. These include cavities and heightened sensitivity.

Modern Day Teeth Whitening

In 1884, peroxide was first utilized for teeth whitening. Subsequently, in 1918, it was found that combining hydrogen peroxide with a heated lamp produced superior results. This method remained the norm for the next four decades. However, in the 1960s, orthodontist Dr. Bill Klusmier and a team of dentists revolutionized teeth whitening forever.

Gly-Oxide, originally tested for mouth sore treatment, was accidentally found to whiten teeth effectively. Dentists observed that soaking teeth in Gly-Oxide overnight noticeably lightened them. This is because Gly-Oxide contains hydrogen peroxide, urea, and 10% carbamide peroxide, all known teeth-whitening agents. This discovery led to the popular pairing of bleaching trays with Gly-Oxide. The pairing became a common method for whitening smiles.

Teeth whitening has evolved significantly, offering various effective options today. With advanced technology and products, professional whitening stands out as a quick and highly effective method to enhance your smile, delivering impressive results!

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