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Don’t Let Signs of Veneer Wear Sneak Up on You

September 4, 2021

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“You got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em.” That sage advice from Kenny Rogers in his song “The Gambler” has plenty of real-world application.

Your porcelain veneers have a lifespan of 10-20 years depending on how well you take care of them. But when there are indications they’ve reached the end of the road, it’s important for you to be able to recognize it.

Continue reading to learn about the visual indicators, as well as reasons your veneers can lose their secure fit, which is also a sign it’s time for replacing veneers in Reno.

How Can I Tell That I Need New Veneers?

There are several ways you can see it is time to contact your dentist for a replacement:

  • The veneer is chipped, cracked, or worn down. Though durable, veneers can break or wear out if they are treated poorly. Becoming rough around the edges is an indicator veneers are worn down. You would be able to feel the roughness with your tongue.
  • Stains can no longer be removed. Like your teeth, veneers can be stained from certain foods and beverages. Items such as acidic ingredients, red wine, cola, and coffee are potential culprits. Unlike teeth, stains on veneers can only be removed from intense brushing. If that no longer works, your veneers probably need to be replaced.
  • The veneer has darkened. This may appear to be what is happening, but it is actually the dental cement naturally darkening and becoming visible through the veneer. There is no way to lighten the cement, so the veneer must be removed along with it, and then you get a new one applied.

Why are My Veneers Fitting Loosely?

There are a few reasons why your veneers have lost their secure fit, which indicates a replacement is needed:

  • Your veneers were not properly applied. Installation requires filing away a tiny amount of enamel and applying the veneer with a strong dental cement. If the dentist did not apply your veneers properly, they can eventually loosen or even fall off.
  • The veneer is separating from your gums. If you do not practice good oral hygiene, you can get gum disease. If that happens, it can create a gap between your veneers and gums.
  • The tooth supporting the veneer is decayed. It does not matter how durable your veneer is if the tooth underneath it is compromised. The veneer will begin to separate from the decaying tooth.
  • Your veneers are not the correct size. If the dentist who installed your veneers did not measure your mouth beforehand to ensure a proper fit, they can be painful. If that’s the case, you’ll need a new set.

Veneers are supposed to be a long-term smile solution and with proper application and care they can be. But there will come a time when the lifespan of a set expires, and it’s important for you to recognize it. If you detect some of these warning signs, make an appointment with your dentist for veneer replacement in Reno.

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At Sage Dental Care, we practice integrative oral medicine, placing a stronger focus on the root cause of bacteria and its effects on the human body. That enables us to provide a guided approach to improving your oral and general health while reducing the risk factors associated with oral diseases. If you can tell it’s time for you to get new veneers in Reno, or you want to see if you are a good candidate to get them, visit our website to schedule an appointment or call (775) 677-0790.

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