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Ask Your Dentist in North Valleys These Questions to Overcome Any Fears

August 8, 2018

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woman with finger on chin thinkingAs we continue in our series on overcoming dental fears, let’s look at another key strategy that you can implement to bypass any phobias that may have hindered you in the past from getting the dental care you need. Your dentist explains the value of asking questions while you’re in the office about anything regarding the treatment or your dental care, in general, so you can feel comfortable through being better educated.

Why is It Important to Ask Questions?

To gain a full appreciation for the significance of asking questions, we need not look any further than children. They are constantly asking questions that start with “What is that?” or simply “Why?” One of the reasons they ask these questions is that feeling free to explore and get answers gives them comfort.

As an adult, the desire and need to know more that you possessed as a child doesn’t subside. So if there is something that you’re concerned about, one of the best courses of action is to ask questions.

Why It’s Better to Ask Questions In-Office

While visiting your dentist, you may have questions that arise in regard to a specific procedure or maybe about the equipment used. It’s important that whatever your question is, you ask while in the presence of your dental hygienist and dentist.

Also, if you’re concerned about ways that you can improve your oral care and health, the primetime to ask questions is while you’re in the office.

Here are some concerns that patients have:

  • Brushing Technique – If your gums tend to bleed, you can ask about how you can improve your brushing technique to prevent that from happening.
  • Bad Breath – Having unpleasant breath can be one of the most embarrassing issues to have. Thankfully, you don’t have to fear judgement from your local dental professionals. Instead, you should feel free to ask for tips to address the problem.
  • Overcome Hereditary Conditions – Some people are fearful of falling prey to family history. For example, you may have tooth loss in your gene-pool. You can ask for advice on what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.
  • Better Denture Care – For patients who wear prosthetics, while in-office, it’s a great time to ask for tips on how to care for their dentures better.

Dental Professionals as Educators

The overall theme here is that your North Valleys dentist and the staff at Sage Dental are truly educators. They welcome questions because one of the most important concerns for them is for you to feel comfortable with the care you receive, and the professionals also want to make sure that it is transformative. Asking questions and then applying the answers go a long way in preventing serious oral health problems and preserving your mouth, teeth and gums for years to come.

By applying what you’ve learned here, you have another way to overcome dental fears and turn your concerns into victories.

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Sage Dental focuses on making patients feel comfortable by welcoming any questions and providing non-judgmental answers. If you have questions about any aspect of your oral health, feel free to ask while visiting. Contact our office today!


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