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Your Teeth Can Reveal Secrets about Your Overall Health

September 7, 2017

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Examining teeth with dental mirrorYour teeth and gums hold important secrets about your oral health. However, they do more than just give insight into the health of your mouth. Your dentist can learn more about your overall well-being, too. In some cases, the issues found in your mouth can indicate a larger health issue that is brewing beneath the surface. With your dentist’s findings, he can create a customized treatment plan to protect your dental health.

Sudden Increase in Cavities

Cavities are often caused by poor dental hygiene and frequent sugar consumption. While anyone can develop them, if you suddenly have an increase, you could have diabetes. If your diet and oral hygiene routine have remained unchanged but your dentist has recently discovered significant tooth decay, it could indicate that your body is struggling to process glucose. As a result, your saliva may have a buildup of sugar, which will eat away at your enamel. In addition to cavities, diabetes can also cause other oral issues, such as oral thrush, dry mouth, or gum disease.

If diabetes is the cause of your tooth decay, your dentist will treat them with fillings while also providing a proactive treatment plan to help strengthen the enamel. This may include fluoride varnishes, dental sealants, and other preventive measures.

Wearing Away of the Teeth

It is natural for your teeth to begin to wear away over the years; however, if the issue suddenly intensifies, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This causes stomach acids to leak into the esophagus, which can reach the mouth and erode your teeth. Often, the erosion is found on the tongue side of the teeth.

If you are noticing that you have a burning sensation in your chest or throat more than twice a week, your dentist may suggest the use of antacids and lifestyle changes to help protect your teeth. If damage has occurred, restorative treatments may be needed, like fillings or dental crowns.

Bleeding Gums when Brushing

Contrary to popular belief, bleeding gums is rarely due to brushing too hard. Instead, it is the first sign of gum disease. This is an infection that occurs in the gum tissue, which often goes hand-in-hand with heart disease.

When gum disease is treated in the early stages, it is reversible without causing any long-term damage. To restore your gum health, your dentist will suggest a deep cleaning to rid bacteria and plaque accumulations below the gums surface. In addition, it is best to make changes to your oral hygiene habits.

Protect Your Health and Your Smile

Your dentist can learn a lot about your well-being from your teeth. If their secrets reveal a hidden condition, it is time to take a proactive approach to restore your oral and overall health.

About Dr. Josh Branco

Dr. Josh Branco provides advanced dental services due to his exceptional training and qualifications. Supported by extensive experience, he works to promote your oral and overall health. If you are experiencing recent changes to your teeth and gums, contact Sage Dental Care today to schedule a consultation.


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