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Advanced Dental Technology Elevates Your Care in Reno, NV

We take pride in maintaining a small, family-owned practice that puts patients first, but that doesn’t mean our office is behind the times. Quite the contrary – Sage Dental Care features plenty of state-of-the-art technology that improves accuracy, speed, and comfort over every stage of the treatment process. Giving you and your family the best experience possible is important to us! Contact either of our locations in South Reno or North Reno, NV today if you have any questions for our team, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Branco or Dr. Kim.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray technology has grown to replace traditional film over time, and for good reason. With this advanced system, our Reno dental team is able to capture and view highly detailed images of the patient’s internal oral structures in the span of seconds – no darkroom development required! These x-rays are easily accessible and transferable, and they can even be color-coded to improve patient education. Radiation exposure is also reduced by up to 90%, which means the process is much safer for children and adults alike.

Cone Beam Scanner

Sometimes when planning an especially complex treatment (such as the surgical placement of dental implants), a two-dimensional digital x-ray just can’t provide all of the information our team needs to ensure the highest levels of success for our valued patients. That’s why Dr. Branco and Dr. Kim have invested in the revolutionary Sirona Cone Beam technology. This system captures a comprehensive 3D image of the patient’s smile, jaw, and other nearby facial structure in seconds that’s displayed in perfect quality. This allows for precise procedural planning, highly confident care, and exceptional results!

Digital Impressions

Older patients are surely familiar with the age-old method of capturing impressions of your teeth with a putty material. This method had its clear disadvantages, including the risk of patients gagging and the constant need for time-consuming retakes. With the help of CEREC, our doctors have been able to transform this process for the better. Now, we’ll capture a detailed and highly accurate impression of the affected teeth through a digital camera, allowing you to sit back and remain comfortable. 

Soft Tissue Laser

With our AMD Diode soft tissue laser, performing vital treatments like periodontal therapy is easier and more effective than ever before. The laser can effectively treat bacterial infection and remove diseased tissue while providing instant sterilization and leaving little to no bleeding, virtually eliminating the need for sutures after treatment. Your gum tissue will also heal faster and regenerate more quickly, which is ideal for our patients. Your comfort is always an important priority to our Sage Dental Care team!

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