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Reliable, Realistic Repair for Damaged or Missing Teeth

dental crown in Reno

At Sage Dental Care, we customize treatment for every patient according to their needs, and we understand that not every tooth can stay in pristine condition. That’s why we provide dental crowns and bridges, which offer lifelike restoration for injured, broken, or lost teeth. Our team is happy to help your smile overcome obstacles and become beautiful, functional, and confident again. If you have damaged or missing teeth, contact us to schedule an appointment for a crown or bridge today!

What Is a Dental Crown?

realistic dental crown in Reno

A dental crown, also known as a cap, is a prosthetic that replaces the top portion of a tooth. In most cases, other than implant restoration, the crown attaches to the root of a natural tooth, bringing back the tooth’s lost structure and strength.

If a tooth is injured or broken, a dental crown can hold the remaining parts of the tooth together, allowing you to keep the natural tooth beneath. Similarly, a tooth that has significant decay and cannot be fixed with composite resin fillings needs a crown to protect the vulnerable interior. This restoration may also be used to complete a single dental implant or cover a small or misshapen tooth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge in Reno

Dental bridges can be used to replace one to three missing teeth in a row. Around the gap, there need to be one healthy tooth or implant on each side to hold the bridge in place. A dental bridge is a single restoration that consists of one (or more) full prosthetic tooth in between two dental crowns. The crowns on the outside attach to the surrounding healthy teeth or implants and give the bridge its stability.

What Are the Benefits of Crowns & Bridges?

woman with a dental crown in Reno

Crowns and bridges, although utilized in different scenarios, offer unique benefits for damaged or missing teeth. With the restored top portion of a tooth, you can regain the ability to use that tooth for biting, chewing, and smiling. In addition, these restorations help your other teeth maintain proper spacing and are crafted to look exactly like natural teeth, which means others may not be able to tell that you had dental work to begin with!

What Is the Process of Getting a Crown or Bridge?

After you and our team have decided that crown or bridge is the right treatment for your smile, we’ll need to prepare your tooth or teeth, depending on which one you’re getting. For a dental crown, your tooth may need decay or damaged sections removed first. In other situations, the tooth simply needs to be reduced to accommodate the crown or bridge. Then, we’ll get impressions of your mouth so that we can design and create your customized restoration. Once it’s finished, we’ll bond the restoration on top, completing your natural-looking smile.

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